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How experience of Dr. Gordon Tang is an advantage

Experience matters a lot when an individual is actually undergoing a potential need for surgery on nervous system, nerves or the brain. The advantage is that the more the experience that a neurosurgeon has in handling a procedure or a condition, the best are the results is anticipated. This comes absolutely true with Dr. Gordon Tang, located in the EasyBay area, Beverley, California.

Dr. Tang is a broad minded doctor and does not shy away to answer your queries. You can ask him about your specific condition and the survival chances on getting treated. Get to know from him about the procedures and find the complication rates.

Dr. Tang is a neurosurgeon who is very comfortable to approach and this is the reason patients find comfort in discussing with him their personal information. This neurosurgeon is highly skilled in caring for everyone regardless of their gender, though each gender is handled differently. Dr. Tang has experience over two decades that he is adept in handling your condition, despite its stages.

With Dr. Tang, everyone feels at home as he takes care of each patient personally. He does not consider any lengthened procedures and tries to do the surgery as minimal procedure.

How fewer complications and better survival rates is assured by Dr. Gordon Tang?

Hospital quality matters a lot as it connects to the quality of care offered. This is a valuable point that has made Dr. Gordon Tang and his clinic at East Bay area highly prominent. His clinic and office is very clean and the hospitals when this neurosurgeon, Dr. Tang treats his patients are also ensured to be very clean, thus he ensures better survival rates and fewer complications.

Another advantage of visiting Dr. Tang is that his clinic location is easily accessible and with appointment, he is available for consulting on the week days from 9 am to 4 pm. This helps as patients and their families are happy that they need not make trips back and forth.

Dr. Tang is renowned for his style of approach relating to the spinal and neuro problems. He considers offering the smallest approach ascertaining minimally invasive treatments, relying on the diagnosis. Dr. Tang is the friendliest neurosurgeons and is also the most accessible person around. Dr. Tang has exceptional skills in performing spinal surgeries that one-third of his patients after the surgery is not required to stay in the hospital.

Contact Dr. Tang for scheduling an appointment at his clinic and get to know the best treatment possible for your condition.

A simple review of Dr. Gordon Tang and his teeming work

Are you experiencing spine-related conditions and are you located anywhere around the East Bay Area? If yes, visit Dr. Gordon Tang, a board certified neurosurgeon fellowship trained having an experience over 25 years. He has already performed more than 6000 surgeries and offers that the patients need, complete personal attention and care.

A common fact is that people look for a neurosurgeon with whom they are assured of comfort and Dr. Tang is very comfortable in talking and supports with all the information required.  On meeting this neurosurgeon for the first time also you will be pleased, the way he responds to your queries. He shows interest in knowing you and your problems and considers the treatment preferences respecting the patient’s decision making process.

Dr. Tang is also affiliated to Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Alta Bates Medical Center, Berkeley, Kaiser Oakland and Children’s Hospital Of Oakland.

Dr. Tang practices at East Bay Neurosurgery and Spine, his clinic.  This clinic is open between 9 am and 4 pm on weekdays. Apart from neurosurgery, he specializes in offering the treatment for spinal stenosis, disc herniation, degenerative disc disease and normal pressure hydrocephalus.  Dr. Tang’s staff members also have best experience, all you have to do is contact his clinic and get an appointment right away!